ACO is a made up of committed professionals, educationists, counselors, social workers, activists , volunteers and resource persons who are goal driven and experts in their fields.


To ensure transparency and effective implementation of our vision and mission, a well laid out structural plan is in place. ACO is composed of dedicated members across the country and internationally. It consists of a Board of Trustees which safeguards our assets and property, the Board of Directors which is responsible for policy formulation arm and supervision. Finally there are administrative staff and personnel that see to the day to day running of the organisation.

The ACO structure is as follows:

Board of Trustees

The BOT consists of six eminent persons with varied experiences in the private and public sectors united by a shared interest in children’s rights and protection.

The Executive Committee/ Board of Directors

The BOD consists of eight officers as follows:

The Chairman Treasurer
Vice Chairman Public Relations Officer
Secretary Welfare Officer
Financial Secretary Legal Adviser

The Administrative Staff

CEO/Director of Administration Project Assistants
Administrative Officer Research Assistants
Project Officers Internal Auditor
Accounts Officer Drivers
Project Assistants